5 Year Celebration – Seabreeze is back

Our first ever introduction to Rumble on the Reef, was the official Launch party in 2018, at the Seabreeze Hotel at Lamberts Beach. it’s the perfect way to introduce people to Mackay, being right on the beach, international pros, amazing food and plenty of accommodation.

Seabreeze have been with Rumble on the Reef since day one, have run the licenced area at the event itself, and continually supported and embraced skateboarding and its Culture.

We are absolutely stoked to have Seabreeze on board for the fifth year running.
This year we will have the launch their yet again, with international pros back, athlete check in day and dinner with the entire skateboarding community.

Be sure to check out their epic accommodation and we will see you all again for 2022.


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