Back where it all began

Back in 2017, The Laval Family in Mackay has asked us for a letter of support about a new skatepark in Mackay. Little did we know that this would evolve into the Sugar Bowl Skatepark in Mackay, then our fifth year of Rumble on the Reef.

We’ve introduced this year across Australia the 9 & Under Divisions, which is coming to Rumble for 2022. Its another way to support the up and comers and transition them from coaching to competition.

We are please to say this years 9 & Under championships is happening thanks to Mackay City Property, with the Laval Family business once again giving back to Grassroots with the MCP 9 & Under Street & Bowl divisions for 2022.

We are stoked to be able to continue their legacy for the next generation with having them make sure we can have a 9 & Under championships for 2022.

Louie Daiguchi is one of the highest level kids under 9 we have ever seen, he could keep up with the Opens

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